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I knew Microsoft Small Basic in 2010 and made some programs with Small Basic. Then I'd like to convey the fun of programming. Following list contains Small Basic programs that I made.



TicTacToe v0.4 (MRB574)
You can choose four AI (RANDOM, CENTER, RUNORSTOP, MONTECARLO) and choose HUMAN for you.

Tic-tac-toe v1.4 (LBW762-3)
The name of AI is MINIMAX.  This version outputs game record and has ability to replay the game.

Chessboard 0.2 (CLP327-0)
This is just a chessboard.  You can move chessmen with mouse.

Go Simulator
Go Simulator 0.4 (PTB804-2) [*]
You can see AI vs AI go game and get the records as .sgf (Smart Game Format) files.  AI's name is Random.  It's very weak and the moves are decided randomly.  If you change code in line 31 to bAuto = "False" then you can select Random or Human as player.

Maze Game
Maze Game 1.56 (XHL585-5)
This is a Turtle maze race game.  Use arrow keys to control Turtle.  In browser, click maze first.  More info...

Basketball 0.44 (TKL110-4)
Set speed and angle then [Throw]!

Football 0.5 (ZVL057-3)
This is a classic football game.  Use [S] and [D] keys for player 1 and [K] and [L] for player 2.  In browser, click field first.

Minesweeper 0.2 (FMN979-0) [*]
This is a classic Minesweeper game.

Connect Four
Connect Four 0.8 (LSM678-6)
This is a classic Connect Four game.

Simon 0.61 (FHV760-9) [*]
This is a classic Simon game.

Connect Four
Snake Game 0.2 (ZKG464-1)
This is a classic Snake game.

Connect Four
DONKEY KONG in the Small Basic World 0.91 (FGM769-8)
This is a simple version of classic Donkey Kong game.

Turtle Dodger
Turtle Dodger 0.5b (QZN342-3)
This is a vertical scroll game.  Use left and right arrow keys to dodge objects.

Air Hockey
Air Hockey 0.5b (KLB414-4)
This is an air hockey game.  Use W and S key for player 1 (left) and use O and L key for player 2 (right).

Lunar Module
Lunar Module 1.0 (DTF312-2)
This is an lunar landing game.  Use up, left, right arrow keys.

DuckShoot 0.52b (TLR995-5)
This is an duck shooting game.  Use mouse click to shoot.

2048 in Small Basic 0.2b (CLZ771-0)
This is a clone of game 2048 written in Small Basic.  Use arrow keys to move tiles.

Dragon vs Turtle
Dragon vs Turtle 0.6b (HMP803-5)
This is a battle game.  Move mouse to rotate Turtle.  Click to throw a star targeting Dragon's head.  You can throw 10 stars at a time.

Binary Quiz
Binary Quiz (BGH855-0)
Guess hexadecimal or decimal from binary.

Traffic Game
Traffic Game (DHW172-5)
Avoid accsident to control a blue car with arrow keys [↑][↓][←][→].


Maze 1.2 (PNC833-12)
This program generates a maze and solves with Trutle graphics.  [Next] to generate the other maze, [Start] to solve it.

A* Search
A* Search 0.31 (PRV488-2)
This is another demo program to generate and solve mazes with Trutle graphics using A* search algorithm.

Aquarium (TKW252)
This program is an aquarium.

Piano (ZWF718-1) [*]
This program is a piano.

Baseball Scoreboard (FVG576)
This is a baseball scoreboard.

Turtle Graphics
Turtle Graphics 0.2 (XVK119-0)
Fun program for programming Turtle to draw Graphics. You can use only three commands - MOVE, PEN and TURN.

Orbit 0.5 (CLJ212-5)
Like a orbit player. Click play button, drag progress bar or hit [→][←][Home][End] keys to change date.


Triangle Clock
Triangle Clock 0.1 (CPZ043)
This program is a clock with triangles.

Cat's Eyes Clock
Cat's Eyes Clock 0.2 (VSC500-0)
This program is a clock with cat's eyes.

Pendulum Clock
Pendulum Clock 0.24 (LBD742-4)
This program is a clock with a pendulum.

Earth Clock
Earth Clock 0.31 (PPH681-2)
This program is a clock with the north semesphere of the earth.  Please select your local time (city) first.

Game Clock
Game Clock 0.2b (VSC113-0)
This program is a game clock.  You can select one of three modes - sudden death, Fischer delay, or Hourglass.

World Clock
World Clock 0.4b (BSP033-3)
This program is a world clock.  Select your city first.  Or modify this program to set your city in localCity and add information about your city into an array city if needed.


Calculator CA-04B (BQJ710-3)
This program is a calculator.

Abacus 0.61 (MNV389-5)
This program is a Japanese abacus.


Code Block Generator
Code Block Generator 1.4 (SKC235-2)
This tool converts from Small Basic source to HTML code block for such as TechNet Wiki or Small Basic ForumMore info...

Shapes 1.5b (XFZ657-15) [*]
This is a shapes editor which generates Small Basic program to draw shapes.  More info...

Ruler 0.3 (PMT747-2)
Combine this program with your program so that you can major your design in your program.  Drag to move the ruler and click to rotate it.

Measure Text Width
Measure Text Width in Pixels 0.3 (KTK906-1)
This program measures text width in pixels.  Recommended fonts are Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS and Verdana.  Detail about Small Basic Font is here.

Small Basic Graphics Interpreter
Small Basic Graphics Interpreter 0.4 (XRZ138)
This program interprets GraphicsWindow operations and properties typed in the TextWindow.

Nearest Named Color
Nearest Named Color 0.3 (CKK055-1)
This program can search the nearest named color from a color number.

[*] Run locally for proper work.


These are links to my Small Basic projects in GitHub Pages.
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  6. Program Database - for Small Basic
  7. SBDoc - documentation tool for Small Basic
  8. Shapes - shapes & SVG editor
  9. Small Quest - text base game
  10. Small Wiki Pad - wiki editor
  11. Small Basic Resources - backup from TechNet Gallery
  12. Nonkit Page - index of my GitHub pages


This link is for Small Basic resources.
  1. Small Basic API Reference
  2. Introducing Small Basic (introduction to programming)
  3. Small Basic 1.0 Download (released on July 18, 2011)
  4. Small Basic 1.2 Download (released on October 5, 2015)
  5. Small Basic (official site)
  6. Small Basic Curriculum (to learn)
  7. Small Basic Blog (official blog)
  8. List of Programs Made with Small Basic (by community)
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  13. TechNet Wiki: Small Basic Portal (Microsoft technologies library)
  14. Small Basic articles in TechNet Wiki (written by Nonki)
  15. Nonkit Program Art Gallery (many screen shots of Small Basic programs)

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